Our Facility

  • Vert Ramp

    Our vert ramp features 1 feet 9 inches of vert and measures 12 feet high and 40 feet wide. It has a roll in as well as a safety net to keep boards from flying in or out of the ramp.

  • Mini Ramp

    Our mini ramp is 34 feet wide with a 5 foot and 3 foot section with an escalator. It's the perfect ramp for beginners and experts alike.

  • Street Course

    Our street course takes up nearly half of our facility and includes stair sets, a wall ride, quarter pipes, banks, hubbas, and multiple rails. The best part about it... it's inside.

  • Viewing Area

    Our elevated viewing area gives spectators and parents an overall view of every skate area in our park. It's the perfect spot to sit down and take a break or to keep an eye on the action down below. Observation deck also offers free games such as Xbox and a custom Tech Deck park.

  • Pro Shop

    Our pro shop has all the skateboard and roller skate hardware one needs to shredd while they are at the park. Boards, trucks, wheels, bearings, etc. If you break something, we've got a replacement waiting for you. We also have drinks and snacks for sale.