• During our Shredd Camp we will be working on overall confidence, learning skate park etiquette, and combining skateboarding with art!


    We will be:

    -Improving and learning new skills

    -Tracking skate goals and achievements

    -Making grip tape art


    No previous experience required.


    Cost: $250. Available for single day drop-ins at $75 per day.

    Ages: 7 and up

    Required: Full sized skateboard and helmet (full safety gear required on the vert ramp). No worries if you don`t have the gear! We have everything you need for rent or purchase.

    Highly encouraged: Knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards

  • Shredd Camp Dates


    October 19 - October 23, 9am-11:30am


    November 18 - November 22, 9am-11:30am

    •  WINTER

    December 26-30, 9am-11:30am

  • Drop in Option

    Can`t commit to the full week of camp but still want to reap the benefits of Skate Camp? Our drop-in option allows you to visit when you can!

    Cost: $75 per day

What could possibly be more fun than Skateboard Camp?