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Bont FX1 Wheels 92A/60MMx38 Purple 8pcs

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$80.00 USD
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The Bont FX1 is an ultra-lightweight, ultra-high-performance roller skate wheel at an amazingly low price. Super high rebound urethane combines with a unique mini bearing hub for fast acceleration and quick laterals.

  • Application: Indoor
  • Size: 60mm
  • Width: 38mm
  • Hardness: 92A

The Bont FX1 wheel is great for roller derby or indoor rink skating. It is one of the only wheels on the market that uses the smaller 688 or 167 bearings rather than the traditional 608 skate bearing. This saves 12 grams per bearing and a whopping 192 grams (6.8oz) on a set of skates. That is a pretty huge weight saving. Not only that but mini bearings also spool up faster than 608 bearings getting you up to speed sooner.